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sketchup training courses classes online learning

Course Details


  1. Start Up & working with Menu & Tool/Measurement Bar
  2. Setting up Drawing Units
  3. Use of Menu Bar Command and Showing short Keys on the Menu Bar
  4. Drawing Lines, Rectangles and different Shapes
  5. Giving dimensions and formatting
  6. Rotating in 3d
  7. Preparation & Working in Layers
  9. Presentations Using Sketch Up’s Camera and Video Walk.
  10. Short keys
  11. Tutorials
  12. Exercise

2 Weeks


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Architectural Drafting and Designing

Architectural drafting is basically a method of creating drawing for buildings and other structures. To do architectural drafting it requires studying the design and construction basics.

The traditional way of architectural drafting is making design on paper. Nowadays, it is done with the help of computer-aided drafting tools. With that, it has become easier than earlier way designing a draft. Architectures use various types of computer software to design innovative and unique buildings or structures. However, before designing a plan, architecture should consider various things like dimensions, measurements, gravity proportions, geographical directions, as well as material, labor, money, and time. Besides, designing a building, architectural drafting is related with examining, verification, designing, validation, and altering of the design.

Earlier drafting was used to do on the paper with the aids like pencil, scales, and geometrical instruments. However, with the demand of the time, architectures have switched to cad drafting from conventional drafting process. There is various advanced software available in the market for drafting. sketch up  drafting has been proved more effective than paper drafting. It provides liberty to engineers and architectures to draft a building on computer, which seems impossible on the paper.

CAD drafting has also made it easy to view the draft from various dimensions, earlier architectures used to prepare designs from different dimensions, and it was very time consuming. Sketchup drafting also helps in easy editing and transfer of designs. Presently, there are various companies and individuals offering sketchup  drafting services in the market. Architectural professionals design the blue print of the building as per the requirement of the client. The services are available at varied prices depending upon the demand of the customers.

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