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      Why "Safety officer course in rawalpindi" are important

Safety Officer Course in rawalpindi
are important due to its wide range of compulsory job requirements in gulf, ksa, uae & Pakistan. Companies hire employees who have high skills to perform a job safely. So for RWP & ISlamabad People seaching job as safety officer ,  best Safety Officer course in  rawalpindi are providing job based trainings for getting a good jobs in market as safety officer.  safety officer course in rawalpindi are of various types as per market. Some of them which are fulfilling international standards are given below.

Fee Structure

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SR NO Name of Course Approved From 
1Registered Safety officerIBOEHS USA
2IOSH- Managing SafelyIOSH – UK
3OSHA – Construction IndustryIBOEHS USA
4OSHA – General IndustryIBOEHS USA
5EHS Manager CourseIBOEHS USA

6 – Safety Officer Diploma 1 Year

(Approved By Punjab Govt and can be verified from Foreign Office)

7- Nebosh IGC


Registered Safety Officer IOSH Managing Safely
1What is Safety in the Workplace?1Introducing Managing Safely
2Communicating Safety Effectively2Assessing Risks
3Hazard Recognition and Control Measures3Controlling Risks
4Fire Safety and Life Safety4Understanding your Responsibilities
5Electrical Safety, Machine Safeguard5Identifying Hazards
6Hand & Portable Power Tools6Investigating Accidents & incidents
7Material Handling, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Vehicular Safety7Measuring Performance
8Office Safety, Hazardous Materials8Protecting Our Environment
9Confined Space & Hot Work9Risk Assessment Project
10Excavation, Demolition & Explosives OSHA General  Industry
11Elevated Working Surfaces 1 Definitions
12Safety Inspections, Motivation 2 Applicability of This Act
13Ergonomics , Accident Investigations 3 Duties, OHS Standards
14Documenting Safety 4 Advisory Committees
 5 Inspections, Investigations & Records, Citations
 6 Procedure for Enforcement
EHS MANAGER 7Judicial Review
1What is Safety in the Workplace?8Safety & Review Commission
2Communicating Safety Effectively9Representation in Civil Litigation
3Hazard Recognition and Control Measures10Confidentiality of Trade Secrets
4Fire Safety and Life Safety11 Variations, Tolerances, & Exceptions
5Electrical Safety, Machine Safeguard12Penalties, State Jurisdiction and State Plans
6Hand & Portable Power Tools13Federal Agency Safety Program
7Material Handling, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Vehicular Safety14Research and Related Activities
8Office Safety, Hazardous Materials15Training and Employee Education
9Confined Space & Hot Work16NIOSH
10Excavation, Demolition & Explosives
11Elevated Working Surfaces


12Safety Inspections, MotivationUNIT IGC 1: Management of International Helath & Safety
13Ergonomics , Accident InvestigationsElement 1 : Foundations in Health & Safety
14Documenting SafetyElement 2: Policy
Element 3 : Organizing
Element 4:  Planning
Element 5: Measuring, Audit & Review
 UNIT GC 2: Controlling Workplace Hazards
OSHA- Construction Industry Element 1: Workplace Hazards & Risk Control
1General, Interpretations Element 2: Transport Hazards & Risk Control
2 General Safety and Health Provisions Element 3: Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control
3Occupational Health, PPE Element 4: Work Equipment Hazards & Risk Control
4Fire Protection and Prevention Element 5: Electrical Safety
5Signs, Signals and Barricades Element 6: Fire Safety
6Material Handling Element 7: Chemical & Biological Hazards and Risk Control
7Tools (hand and portable power tools) Welding and Cutting, Electrical Element 8:Physical & Psychological hazards & Risk Control
8Scaffolding, Fall Protection, Cranes Revision
9Motor Vehicles, Excavations, Concrete UNIT GC 3: Health & Safety Practical Application
10Steel Erection, Underground Construction Aim of Practical Assessment
11Demolition, Blasting and Explosives Workplace Inspection
12Power Transmission, Report to Management
13Roller Over Protection , Stairways and Ladders
14Toxic and Hazardous Substances