Safety Officer Courses

safety officer course in rawalpindi

safety officer course in islamabad

safety officer course in rawalpindi

Why “Safety officer course in rawalpindi ” are important

Safety Officer Course in rawalpindi  
are important due to its wide range of compulsory job requirements in gulf, ksa, uae & Pakistan.

Companies hire employees who have high skills to perform a job safely. So for RWP & ISlamabad People seaching job as safety officer ,  best Safety Officer course in  islamabad are providing job based trainings for getting a good jobs in market as safety officer.  

TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is also provided discounted safety officer course in islamabad


Admission Requirements: 1- Two  Passport Size Photograph 2- Matric Copy 3- CNIC Copy

1What is Safety in the Workplace?
2Communicating Safety Effectively
3Hazard Recognition and Control Measures
4Fire Safety and Life Safety
5Electrical Safety, Machine Safeguard
6Hand & Portable Power Tools
7Material Handling, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Vehicular Safety
8Office Safety, Hazardous Materials
9Confined Space & Hot Work
10Excavation, Demolition & Explosives
11Elevated Working Surfaces
12Safety Inspections, Motivation
13Ergonomics , Accident Investigations
14Documenting Safety

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Importance of Safety officer course in rawalpindi for Safety Officer

t is employer’s duty and fair responsibility to ensure that their employees at the workplace are free from any kind of risks and accidents. Safety officer course in islamabad include the subjects which are beneficial for workers to take care of themselves while working like safe work practices, how to deal with hazardous chemicals, to follow all rules and regulation, regarding personal protective equipments, and many more. Safety training is held to educate the workers to perform tasks carefully and safely, avoiding the risk of danger and thirdly to increase the awareness of safe and healthy environment among all employees of an industry. An effective training program can reduce number of injuries and deaths, legal liability, illnesses, workers’ compensation claims, and missed time from work. The more education and training workers receive the fewer occurrences of incidents and injuries are held at workplace.

For Residents of Lahore

TSK also presents safety officer course in lahore