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1What is Safety in the Workplace?
2Communicating Safety Effectively
3Hazard Recognition and Control Measures
4Fire Safety and Life Safety
5Electrical Safety, Machine Safeguard
6Hand & Portable Power Tools
7Material Handling, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Vehicular Safety
8Office Safety, Hazardous Materials
9Confined Space & Hot Work
10Excavation, Demolition & Explosives
11Elevated Working Surfaces
12Safety Inspections, Motivation
13Ergonomics , Accident Investigations
14Documenting Safety

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Role of Safety Officer 

A workplace can become a second home to many employees, because people are spending lot of time a work place. Ensuring their safety is an important responsibility and should be taken seriously by employers and employees. The importance of safety course in Rawalpindi extends beyond a worker’s introduction to the job. Without understanding the safety practices related to the job, a worker will be at a higher risk for workplace injury, illness or death.

Some of the most common reasons behind workplace injuries and hazards include

  • Electrical incidents,Overexertion ,Severe cuts or burns, Manual handling or lifting an object, Repetitive motion Injuries, Injuries from vehicles, Fire hazards and many more, Falling from heights.

The role of  safety course in Rawalpindi in the workplace:

The safety officer’s main aim is to prevent from any physical injuries, accidents and work-related illnesses in the workplace. Their role is to implement those health and safety policies in accordance with the legislation and to ensure that these policies are performed by the workers and employees. Safety officer’s role is to undertake regular inspections and risk assessments, and to ensure that any hazards or defects are fixed immediately. They will also keep an accident record book and must record any accident held during working, he can also recommend or improve in safety standards if required.

Another key role of the safety officer in the workplace is to train all staff regarding safety issues by safety course in Rawalpindi ,and advising them to implement those protective measures and equipment while working. They also act as a messenger for any member or staffs who have a question or concern regarding the safety of the workplace.