roustabout training course

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roustabout training course

Overview& Objective

To provide the required knowledge and skills about drilling activities that are related to floor man position.

Pre Qualifications Required


Course Contents

1General Introduction to drilling industry
2General Introduction to drilling industry
3Rig Components
3.1Hoisting System
3.2Circulating System
3.3Rotating System
3.4Power System
4Tubular & Drill String components
5Introduction to Drilling Operations
5.1Drilling & tripping
5.2Running casing
5.4Rig Move 
6Roustabout’s Role and duties within the drilling crew
7Basic Math and calculation (level – 1)


Roustabout is a traditional term used to describe a fairground or circus worker, which is now used in the oil industry. An oil roustabout refers to a worker who maintains all things in the oil field.  to get into details of his job description you have to attend the roustabout training course.He or she sets up oil well heads, oil lead lines connected to stock tanks. Roustabouts will maintain saltwater disposal pumps, lease roads, lease mowing, create dikes around tank batteries on a lease, etc. An oil roustabout has no limits in the oil industry and can, and will do any and all oil field work, including roughneck drilling, oil wellcompletion and well service, and even chemical work. An oil field roustabout will also do all things that an oil field pumper would have to do.

Roustabout training course ” provides information about an official classification of natural gas and oil rig personnel. Roustabouts working in oil fields typically perform various jobs requiring little training. However, they frequently turn out to be long-term employees and take on more difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs as they gain experience. Most go on to at least become “roughnecks” if they work for the rig company for more than a few months.

An early 2010 survey by of the best and worst jobs — based on five criteria: environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress — rated ‘roustabout’ as the worst job. If you have to get into oil field at early ages with future growth in mind and you have no eductaion or not have professional higher education then Roustabout training course is recommended to you.