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quantity surveying diploma training courses in rawalpindi islamabad

Trainer : Civil Engineer Rahman (13 Years Experience)


Books & CDS Available  

Who Should Attend (Engineers, DAEs, Btechs, Matric ,FA,BA etc)


1Business Structure of Construction IndustryChapter -1
2Basics of Quantity Surveying
3Basic Units of Measurements
4Types of Construction drawings and how to study the drawings to extract exact , precise and required dataChapter -2
5Basic Building Layout
6Basic Items of Building and sequence of construction activities of Project
7Organizational Charts of Construction Organization to understand the position and coordination and reporting of Quantity SurveyorChapter -3
8What is a BOQ and why BOQ is heart of Quantity SurveyingChapter -4
9Tendering & Bidding Procedure
10Different types of BOQs (Bill of Quantities)
11Divisions of BOQ
12Similarities and Difference of Job natures of Contract Engineer and Quantity SurveyorChapter -5
13Duties of Quantity Surveyor on Site and in Head Office
14How rates are filled for a BOQChapter -6
15Rate analysis(In detail)
16Components of Rate analysis and effect of market rates and inflation
17Unit Rate calculations
18Interim payment Certificates (IPCs)- In detailChapter -7
19Variation Orders (VO) / Change Orders
20Quantity Surveying of Civil, Mechanical , E & I, Plumbing and HVAC Works
21Free Auto Cad BasicsFREE
22Free Excel Course
23How you can be selected as a  Quantity SurveyorCareer Counseling 
24Paper (100 Marks)
25Preparation of Resumes after successful completion of Diploma
26Contact Addresses of construction Companies and Addresses both in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Gulf
27Preparation of Interviews

WHY “Quantity Surveying Course” is Important

Quantity Surveyor job have exciting and challenging roles. Construction Project Industry requires high level of skills of quantity surveyor courses in rawalpindi. These core quantity surveyor courses in rawalpindi themes have been developed based on the course philosophy which is to provide a balance between the “traditional” fundamental knowledge needs of the quantity surveyor, whilst simultaneously providing the needs of tomorrow’s market place

Their involvement in construction projects begins at the feasibility stage, continues through the detailed design and construction stages and often continues when the project is completed.

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