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nebosh igc course in rawalpindi

Course Structure of nebosh igc course in rawalpindi

This Course is specially designed to provide the participant with the core knowledge needed to clear nebosh igc course in rawalpindiIt also provides useful overview of health and safety management.

nebosh courses in islamabad follows the structure and Syllabus of Nebosh IGC. It consists of 3 units of Study. When You successfully Complete any of the units you will receive a unit certificate but to successfully complete nebosh courses in islamabad you need to pass the three units in 5 years of time.




AUNIT IGC 1: Management of International Helath & Safety
1Element 1 : Foundations in Health & Safety
2Element 2: Policy
3Element 3 : Organizing
4Element 4:  Planning
5Element 5: Measuring, Audit & Review
B UNIT GC 2: Controlling Workplace Hazards
1 Element 1: Workplace Hazards & Risk Control
2 Element 2: Transport Hazards & Risk Control
3 Element 3: Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control
4 Element 4: Work Equipment Hazards & Risk Control
5 Element 5: Electrical Safety
6 Element 6: Fire Safety
7 Element 7: Chemical & Biological Hazards and Risk Control
8 Element 8:Physical & Psychological hazards & Risk Control
9 Revision
C UNIT GC 3: Health & Safety Practical Application
1 Aim of Practical Assessment
2 Workplace Inspection
3 Report to Management

The Advantages of a NEBOSH igc course in rawalpindi

If you think that all you need to maintain workplace harmony is a little bit of patience and some careful planning, then think again. These two factors are of course the prerequisites, but then a certified nebosh courses in islamabad will greatly help you detect anomalies in your workplace that would have otherwise escaped your notice. And you can apply these anywhere, in any part of the world. It would help you to figure out solutions to problems like workplace accidents and tiff with the employees as well as other issues regarding business like cost saving and higher profits without putting undue pressure on the workers. And when the workers see that they are working under an employer who is not only efficient and confident but also considerate and thoughtful, they will work with an open mind, automatically generating more output for your business.

Therefore, if you have have successfully completed nebosh courses in islamabad, you will find that you are readily hired as a team leader or a manager as the employers will know that you are fully equipped to handle workplace tension and deal with the pressures.

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