Language Courses

language courses in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan

language courses in rawalpindi
language courses in rawalpindi

ASpoken EnglishBArabic Language 
1Fundamentals of English1Introduction & basic
2Listening Skills2Arabic numbers, days, weeks,
3Speaking Skills3Greetings
4Grammar4Meeting people and introducing yourself, studies, profession and country of origin.
5Communication Skills5Describing family tree.
6Job applications (Expressive)6Polite requests.
7Further Practice7Asking and answering about time.
8Communication Sessions8Human body parts in Arabic & drill of these by students.

TSK Training for Skills and knowledge will teach in details about categories in which languages are divided in case you participate in language courses in rawalpindi.

Language is from the ancient past , the one of the most prominent roles in communication.  Knowing a language by birth is a different matter. you don’t need to focus on grammar aspects. To learn a language which you don’t know by birth is a foreign language.

For example, a person who is born in England has a mother language English. If he wants to permanently live in Pakistan, then he would have to learn Urdu. language courses in rawalpindi prime focus is on learning new language. Same way languages are further subdivided in regional languages. In addition , some are National Language.

Some of National Languages are Arabic, English, Urdu, French , Spanish, German Etc Etc. In these , English became an international language. If you enroll with TSK in language courses in islamabad then you will know how a language become an international language.

For people who want to go to Europe , TSK has IELTS & Spoken English Courses for them. For people who want to go to Gulf or Saudi Arabia for job purposes Arabic language course is presented to them with quality asuurance that candidates will successfully communicate with Arabic People and have no problem.

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