Basic IT Courses

it courses in islamabad

it courses in rawalpindi

it courses in islamabad
it courses in islamabad

it courses in islamabad is an important factor in 21st century workplaces. The importance of it courses in islamabad can be viewed in two ways. First, it is vital for job applicants to obtain computer training to make themselves more valuable to potential employers and to obtain higher-paying jobs. Second, it is important for companies to utilize it courses in islamabad in their new-hire training programs and employee development initiatives.

1 and 2 year diploma in Information Technology Available



Excel BasicsWord BasicsPower Point Basics
Getting Started with ExcelGetting Started with WordGetting Started With Power Point
Cell BasicsText BasicsSlide Basics
Modifying Columns, Rows and CellsFormatting TextText Basics
Formatting CellsSavingApplying a  Theme
SavingModifying Page LayoutInserting Images
Creating Simple formulasCheck Spelling and GrammerApplying Transitions
Worksheet BasicsPrintingChecking Spelling
PrintingCommon Tasks in WordPresenting Slide Show
Common Tasks in ExcelUsing Indents and TabsSaving and Printing
Creating Complex FormulasLine and Paragraph SpacingCommon Tasks in Power Point
Working With Basic FunctionsWorking With ListsModifying Lists
Outlining dataWorking With ColomnsIndents and Line Spacing
Filtering DataWorking With HyperlinksWord Art and Shapes
Formatting TablesWorking With ShapesModifying Themes
Doing More With ExcelText Boxes and Word ArtFormatting Pictures
Using TemplatesFormatting PicturesArranging Objects
Working With ChartsDoing More With WordInserting Images, Audio and Videos
Linking multiples files in excelDoing More With WordDoing More With Power Point
Preparation of Small software for accountsWorking With Headers and FootersHyperlinks
Practice of Accounts SoftwareRevieing DocumentsWorking With Tables
SHORTKEYSWorking With TablesWorking With Charts
Smart Art GraphicsReviewing Presentations
Using a TemplateAdvanced Presentations
SHORTKEYSSlide Master View
Duties of Admin, HR and Accounts Windows Installation & Softwares Installation Inpage Urdu , PDF & Use of Email 
WORD (Letters & Correspondance )Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (x86 and 64 Bit)Urdu Software Installation
Excel (Data Base of Attendance ,SalariesTypes of Operating Systems & VersionsUrdu Fonts
Powerpoint (Presentations)Trouble ShootingPage Set Up
OutlOOK (Office Email Software)Softwares Installation andExport and Import of Files
Accounts and Admin Software on ExcelTrouble Shooting if Softwares are not getting InstalledExport to PDF
How to daily perform ajob in any Industry as per Participant EducationIssue of Piracy in PakistanConversion of PDF documents to Word Excel and Power Point
Telephone Record , Coverting Files in PDFCost Effective ApproachEditing in PDF
Visitor Record, Photocopies, StationaryCompatability Issues and Service PacksSignatures and Stamps Preparation in PDF
 Security, Transport, Camp Record
Use of Scanner and PrinterFree Services
How many types of Scanners and Printers
Installation procedure on different systemsResume  & Interview Preparaion
Installation of Drivers & How to search for Missing Drivers
Printing files in PDF, Image, Paint, Urdu , MS Excel, Word, Power PointCompanies to Apply
Print Preview and Page Set UpVisa GuideLine and Help
How to make professional reporting