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english language course in rawalpindi

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english language course in rawalpindi

Why “english language course in rawalpindi” are important

spoken English language course in rawlpindi opens job and employment opportunities in many gulf ans Saudi Arabia specially for Pakistani. We lack behind other nations because we lack in having skills of english language course in rawalpindi. English has been an international communicational language since century. so for residents of isl, rwp and restr of  Pak, if we have to find a job we must know how to do english language  course in rawalpindi

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SR NO Course Name Duration  
1Spoken English Course3 Months 


Spoken English 
Fundamentals of English
Listening Skills
Speaking Skills
Communication Skills
Job applications (Expressive)
Further Practice
Communication Sessions

From the point of view of Educational Commission, English has become the “language of international communication”, therefore, the rising generation of French people should be fluent in French in written and oral forms. This suggests that the format of the educational systems of different countries is drastically revised, and bets are placed on the in-depth study of the English language. This decision of the French government and representatives of the French educational sector is also caused by disappointing statistic data: France ranks the last among the other European countries by to the level of English proficiency among students, and prospects to move in this direction are disappointing, grim, after analysis, the French concluded that even Spaniards, previously considered to be the most backward European nation in terms of language knowledge and proficiency in English, have overtaken the French people in the context of the overall “Anglicization”.

Teaching English is conditioned by the need to meet global standards, that would control the run of the global trend towards generally accepted civilization standards. Globalization of the world community in all areas of development requires the active use of the English language in all areas of cooperation between countries. Active exchange of students, migration flow of labour migrants indicate to establishment of single and convenient communication between all nations, diplomats, religions. The English language firmly established itself in educational, scientific and cultural development of the whole mankind.