Diploma in Petroleum Technology

diploma in petroleum engineering in pakistan     

diploma in petroleum engineering
diploma in petroleum engineering


1 and 2 year diplomas available (Govt Approved)


 1 Overview of Petroleum Industry
 2 Petroleum Chemistry
 3 Petroleum Geology
 4 Fluid Mechanics
 5 Upstream , Midstream and downstream operations
 6 Natural Gas
 7 Petroleum Safety
 8 Leadership Skills
 9 Jobs in Market

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Oil Field Jobs – Start Your Strong Career in Energy

If you are serious about getting an oil field job, then you may consider it now. The price of oil is going up and oil exploration is booming. However, this will not last for the rest of this century. Oil as an energy source is on the way out. It is a dirty job and the technology belongs to the industrial age. The use of renewable energy sources on a global scale is still a few decades away, so take advantage of vacant oil field jobs quickly.

Petroleum company employers browse through online personnel databases to find new recruits and experienced oil workers alike. They search for workers using specific search criteria such as location and level of experience. Workers looking for oil field jobs make use of industry databases by opening a free or paid account and uploading their personal information and job history. With a little luck, you might be next.

Just to give you a general idea, here are some of the common categories of job vacancies.

  • Seismic exploration and geological data collection.
  • Onshore and offshore drilling.
  • Petroleum refinement and engineering.
  • Oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance.
  • Transportation of petroleum, natural gas, drilling equipment and personnel.

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