civil surveyor course

civil surveyor course in rawalpindi

civil surveyor course in islamabad

civil surveyor course in rawalpindi
civil surveyor course in rawalpindi

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Why civil surveyor course in rawalpindi is important

The role of a civil surveyor course in islamabad is just like a heart of a body . The same way if you don’t know the exact location of the building or road or any infrastructure to be built, how  will you be able to do that . A surveyor give you the exact location even by 10th part of millimeter. and no body else on the project can do that. So that is why they are all highly paid. They use latest techniques like coordinates , GPS Systems and equipment like total station and theodolite in combination with software like Civil CAD 3d,  AutoCAD, Excel and others.


1Introduction Civil Surveyor
2Classification of survey
3Civil Surveyor
4Principles of survey
5Chain survey
6Plotting of chain survey
7Compass survey
8Bearing system
9Drawing Scales
10Types of scales
12Technical terms
13Purpose of Leveling
14Plain table survey
15Methods of plane table survey
16Adjustment of Levels
17Total Station Practical Training
18Auto Level / Theodolite Training

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