Advance Excel Course

Duration – 2 Weeks to 1 Month,    Fee : 9900/- PKR ,        Books & CDS Available    
Discount for Group Participants

Reg  & Govt Processing Fee: 3000 PKR


Course Objectives
  1. Improve your computer efficiency
  2. Get More done in less time
  3. Packed with shortcut keys
  4. Professional time saving techniques for managerial reporting
  5. Straight answers to all your Questions
  6. Excel tips and tricks
  7. Distinguish Yourself among Others


1-Understanding Single and Multiple Conditional Summing and CountingWHO SHOULD ATTEND
2-FormulasCivil Engineers
3-Horizontal and vertical sortingMechanical Engineers
4-Excel Subtotal formula- Nesting subtotaling and gropingFA, BA, MATRIC
5-Data consolidation by range & by categoryJOBLESS
6-Working with tables and understanding tables nomenclature
7-Data Extracting using filter techniqueFree Services
8-Complex calculation using data base formulasResume Preparation
9-Data integrity using data validationInterview Preparation
10-High light data using conditional logicCompanies to Apply in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, KSA and Gulf
11-Understanding new conditional formatting features
12-Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts (Highly advance Data Base Technique)
12-a- Analyzing data by creating dynamic pivot reportsFree Visa Guide Line and Help
12-b-Consolidate multiple data ranges & analysis using pivot consolidation
12-c-Turn bad data into good data through pivot table
12-d-Understanding pivot charts
13-Excel Charts (Highly advance feature of showing data in Chart and linking the charts with data base table)
13-a-Understanding charts fundamentals
13-b-Working with Excel Built in Charts
13-c-Native charts for data analysis
13-d-Creating Eye catching dynamics & Interactive charts